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Hazardous Material Safety Corrosive Storage Cabinet For Trif

Hazardous Material Safety Corrosive Storage Cabinet For Trifluoroacetic Acids Description:Corrosive Liquid Safety CabinetsAll cabinets built to comply with FM, OSHADesigned to storage all Class 8 liq
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Hazardous Material Safety Corrosive Storage Cabinet For Trifluoroacetic Acids


Corrosive Liquid Safety Cabinets

All cabinets built to comply with FM, OSHA

Designed to storage all Class 8 liquids

Distinct safety signs and directions

Fully-welded construction holds squareness for longer life, offering greater protection in a fire since air gaps are reduced.

1.0mm(18 gauge) double walled steel with 40mm(1.5'') of insulating air space

Three-point mutual locking system with high-strength stainless steel bullet latches

 50mm(2'') leak-proof sump to contain spills

Continuous piano hinge doors to open 180 degree

Welded shelf hangers interlock with shelf to offer maximum "no slip" stability…and no flimsy brackets to lose.

Zinc lever lock. Two keys lockable.

Dual vents with built-in flash arresters strategically placed at bottom and opposite top.

Durable and chemical resistant, powder coat paint finish, inside and outside, retains high gloss look and minimizes the effect of corrosion and humidity.

Build-in grounding connector(on outside side panel) for easy grounding.

Minimal air-gaps provide better protection.

Liquid-tight containment sump.

Adjustable leveling feet for balancing on uneven surfaces

Fail-safe clsoing mechanism ensures three-point latching systme works thr first time, every time. Double key set included for security.

Highly visible warning lable" CORROSIVE SUBSTANCES".

Full adjustable galvanised  shelves.

Plastics tray for corrosive liquid.

Shelves and trays easily replaced if damaged.



SSL Corrosive Cabinets are used to store weak corrosive chemicals, Oxidising Acids, Organic And Mineral Acids . For Examples : hydrochloric acid, vitriol and nitric acid;Nitric, sulfuric, perchloric, phosphoric and chromic acids.
acetic, nutyric, formic, glacial acetic hydrochloric, mercaptoproprionic, proprionic, trifluoroacetic acids.


SSMB100030-Hazardous Material Storage Cabinets


1 Shelf , 2 plastics trays(Adjustable)

2 Doors, Manual - Economy Model

Ext. Sizes HxWxD(mm/in): 1120 x 1090 x 460mm/ 44x 43 x 18 in

Int. Sizes HxWxD(mm/in): 940 x 1010 x 380mm/ 37 x 40 x 15 in

Weight: 110 kgs / 242lbs

Competitive Advantage:

SSL Corrosive Cabinets are used to store weak corrosive chemicals .

A separate polyethylene plastica tray for the bottom sump. The tray can be removed for easy cleaning of drips and leaks.

Can order special base with new 2 x channel skid base sump floors for outdoor applications. Many happy users in a wide range of demanding environments, such as mining, defence, heavy engineering shops, airport facilities, port facilities and many more.

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