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Double Door Chemical Storage Cabinet Lockable

Double Door Chemical Storage Cabinet Lockable For Indoor , 45 GallonProduct Name:Flammable Safety CabinetsMaterial:All SteelColor:YellowSize:Standard Size Or CustomizedFeature:Fire ProofApplication:Fl
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Double Door Chemical Storage Cabinet Lockable For Indoor , 45 Gallon

Product Name:Flammable Safety CabinetsMaterial:All Steel
Color:YellowSize:Standard Size Or Customized
Feature:Fire ProofApplication:Flammable Liquid

Main Specifications of 45 Gallon Chemical Storage Cabinets  

SSM100045P-Waste storage Cabinets
1 Shelf (Adjustable)
1 door, Manual - Can choose self-locking
Ext. Sizes H*W*D(mm/in): 1650×1090×460mm/ 65×43×18 in
Int. Sizes H*W*D(mm/in): 1550×1010×380mm/ 61×40×15 in
Weight: 138Kgs/ 304 lbs

  1. Cabinet Size:1090mm(W)x460mm(D)x1650mm(H)
  2. Material: Sturdy 1.2mm(16 gauge) double walled steel with 40mm(1.5'') of insulating air space
  3. Material Thickness:1.2mm
  4. All cabinets built to comply with FM, OSHA
  5. Designed to storage all Class 3 liquids
  6. Distinct safety signs and directions.
  7. Highly visible warning label" Flammable-Keep Fire Away".
  8. All welded construction versus spot welded construction.
  9. Durable and chemical resistant, powder coat paint finish, inside and outside
  10. Retains high gloss look and minimizes the effect of corrosion and humidity.
  11. Dual vents with built-in flash arresters strategically placed at bottom and opposite top.
  12. Liquid-tight containment sump.
  13. Continuous piano hinge doors to open 180 degree
  14. 50mm (2'') leak-proof sump to contain spills.
  15. Zinc steel shelves are adjustable on 55mm(2.2'') space for versatile storage.
  16. Dual vents with built-in flash arresters strategically placed at bottom and opposite top.
  17. Welded shelf hangers interlock with shelf to offer maximum "no slip" stability and no flimsy bracket to lose.
  18. Earthing point to guard against static electricity dischange.
  19. Three-point mutual locking system with high-strength stainless steel bullet latches
  20. Exclusive paddle lock for extra security. Two keys lockable.
  21. Minimal air-gaps provide better protection.

Market Segments

  •  Charter Schools
  • Higher Education - University, CollegesF
  • ood Beverage facilities
  • Life Science
  • Bio-Technology
  • Industrial Research & Development
  • Medical research
  • Water treatment Plants

    ModelDoor TypesDescriptionOverall Size H×W×D(mm)Overall Size H×W×D(inch)Capacity
    Numbe of shelf(pcs)N.W.
    SSM100004ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door560×430×43022×17×174/15134
    SSM100012ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door890×590×46035×23×1812/45160
    SSM100015ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door1120×590×46044×23×1815/57166
    SSM101015ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door910×610×55036×24×2215/57165
    SSM100016ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door1120×610×46044×24×1816/61168
    SSM100017ManualWorking cover cabinet with 2 doors610×1090×46024×43×1817/64170
    SSM100019ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door910×760×55036×30×2219/72168
    SSM100020ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door1120×590×46044×23×1820/76166
    SSM101020ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 2 doors1120×1090×30044×43×1220/76166
    SSM100022ManualVertical cabinet with 1 doors1650×590×46065×23×1822/83290
    SSM101023ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door910×920×55036×36×2223/87166
    SSM101030ManualWorking cover cabinet with 2 doors890×910×61035×36×2430/1141100
    SSM100030ManualWorking cover cabinet with 2 doors1120×1090×46044×43×1830/1141100
    SSM100031ManualUnder-Bench cabinet with 1 door910×1220×55036×43×1831/1171105
    SSM100040ManualWorking cover cabinet with 2 doors1120×1090×46044×43×1840/1513100
    SSM100045ManualTall cabinet with 2 doors1650×1090×46065×43×1845/1702138
    SSM100054ManualTall cabinet with 2 doors1650×600×87065×24×3454/2043148
    SSM100060ManualTall cabinet with 2 doors1650×860×86065×34×3460/2272165
    SSM100090ManualTall cabinet with 2 doors1650×1090×86065×43×3490/3402190

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